The Practice of Innovation


Simply understanding the source of innovative opportunities is not enough. People must understand the principles of innovation and how to use new ideas successfully. The principles include several do’s and don’ts. The do’s include:

*Thinking through the sources of innovation.

*Going out to observe, seek, and listen to the trends of public opinion.

*Producing innovations that are clear and simple.

*Starting small.

*Aiming toward leadership. If innovations do not aim at leadership from the beginning, they will unlikely be innovative or capable enough to establish themselves in the market.

The don’ts of innovation include:

*Trying too hard to be clever.

*Being unusable without necessary training.

*Diversifying into too many things at once.

*Innovating for the future. Unless there is an immediate application of a product or system, it is unlikely to be successful.

The last piece of advice Drucker offers on the subject of learning the skill of innovation is the importance of three conditions:

  1. Innovation requires work, ingenuity, focus, and talent to be successful.
  2. To succeed, innovators must build on their strengths.
  3. Innovation must be focused on and driven by the market.

By combining these principles and sources of opportunity, everyone can be innovative leaders in their industries, despite whether they are private or public.PRISM

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  1. As “All big product innovations and process innovations come from failure.” so i think failure is a key of Innovation and its helps to create more useful and reliable product against existing.


  2. Innovations Required in Everything. If we Stick to older technology then there is no Development . Innovation not only in Professional but Personal day to activities is necessary


  3. I personally believe that success comes with a continuous approach towards self upgrading. If we are unable to upgrade ourselves and we aren’t aware of the tools which have been introduced for making the task easier we will end up in losing our efficiency and may be treated as an outdated model. I must quote that I am blessed to be the part Panasonic where the Organisation believes in enhancing the skills of the employees and making them a better resource for the better world.I do have attended lots of training programs and I am glad to share that Anubha is a great trainer indeed.The set of activities we have gone thru’ has helped me in learning the basics which we often miss or are not aware of. And am sure whosoever will attend this program will find a better version of you at the end.Thanks again.

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  4. I believe innovation comes by continuous thinking of ideas. Initially our ideas are not good enough but with continous effort one day ball will in your court. So groom yourself always with new world of technologies.


  5. #The Practice of Innovation.

    I totally agree on Do’s & Dont’s Principles.
    In line to that what i feel about Innovation that it starts with I and Eye . it is “I” want to lead the innovation/ Change within myself to be innovative and créative and Eye for observation regarding environment for requirement and respective challenges.


  6. As we all know ” the only constant in a world is change”. So, I am a firm believer of accessing, re-accessing and improvising according to the prevailing business environment. The entire task becomes easier if we regularly innovate.
    The arsenal to be the market conquerer is Innovation.


  7. I believe that innovation is nothing but seeing all together picture of yourself. How capable you are of doing a task differently or creating something unique which no other person do so. And it can only be achieved by continuous efforts and self improvisation. Be ready to learn and adaptable to change. If we rigid ourselves we can never innovate.

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  8. As a constant learner I believe innovation can be as small as starting a new practice of doing a thing regularly to improve efficiency.The only factor holding back any innovative idea is fear of failure , so the day we overcome this fear it in itself will become first step to innovation.

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  9. Yeah it’s true that how to use new ideas would be required the Principles (Do’s and Don’ts).
    But I think new ideas comes from ours experience and failure. So every failure attempt could create new idea and contribute in the Innovation.

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