Testimonial & Appreciation

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HDFC Feedback


Name- Richa Chauhan, Org-ONGC, Email-chauhan_richa@ongc.co.in, Mobile- 9968410765
Feedback-Highly engaging , introspecting session with Dr.Anubha with forward looking discussion. Interesting aspects towards increasing productivity and striking work life balance deliberated. I have found the coaching sessions extremely effective and the discussion held therein, very beneficial.

Name: Shubhangi Sharma Org: ONGC Email: sharma_shubhangi@ongc.co.in Mobile: 7506723530
Feedback: I got tremendous value from the coaching sessions of Dr. Anubha Walia.
Most of the talks have been truly inspiring, giving a sense of what all one can achieve with a bit of hard work and consistency. She supported me for my career decisions with coaching, and realised practical pieces of advice shall help me to grow. She is generous in sharing her own life experiences and is a stimulator and  provides safe and comfortable environment to communicate. Sessions with Dr. Walia have been practical, actionable and thought provoking and I thank her for the same.

Name: Roma Bhagwani Organization: ONGC Email: bhagwani_roma@ongc.co.in Mobile: 7331181257
Feedback: The coaching session was fruitful.I got to discuss and learn quite a lot within short span. Would like to thank you Dr Anubha for encouraging me to achieve greater heights.



Our coaching engagement was really thought provoking and gave us great  inputs on improving our performance as a team especially on the digital front . Thank you Madam for excellent coaching and inputs which  are in various stages of implementation. Along with my team will strive to give out our best  and ensure its success.
My details are as under :
Name: Uday Kumar Khazane, Asst. General Manager, STC, Hyderabad.
e mail : uday khazane@union bank of india.com, udaykhazane@gmail.com
Phone: 8008570487

Name : S. JAYA RAJU, Dy. Regional Head
Email : sapatlajayaraj @unionbankofindia.com,
Phone : 92915 72649
Feedback – Anubha Madam as a Coach :

It’s Really Wonderful opportunity to me, to have experienced and talented coach like you madam .. I really enjoyed lot and had very grate experience under your coaching madam ji…

I sincerely thank you for our esteemed organization to provide such a special training program and having wonderful coach like you madam..

Thank you once again madam ji…



Name : S. JAYA RAJU (Regional Head)
Email : sapatlajayaraj @unionbankofindia.com
Phone : 92915 72649
Feedback – Coach Anubha Mam :

It’s Really Wonderful opportunity to me, to have experienced and talented coach like you madam .. I really enjoyed lot and had very grate experience under your coaching madam ji…

I sincerely thank you for our esteemed organization to provide such a special training program and having wonderful coach like you madam..

Thank you once again madam ji…

Name: M Manikyeswari
Email: manikyeswari@andhrabank.co.in
Phone: 9440950090
Feedback: Dr Anubha as a Coach:
Both the coaching sessions with Dr Anubha Walia were v enriching. Her youth coupled with rich experience in previous stints at senior levels reflects all that one needs in a public sector organization in executive grades. She has effectively impressed with her knowhow of good communication, reflecting my insight on  team building and target planning.
Worthy time spent.
COACHING : Union Bank of India : Amit Sharma ( 3 months coaching project)  : Your contributions in COVID-19 pandemic is really awesome. You have inspired many persons through your webinars, wellness programs, individual coaching and engaging persons to their inner strength.
Session : Wellness for Well-being, SUN 27 June’21,  : Today, i attended yr programme, delivered in Bhiwani Parivar Maitri Sangh(BPMS). Really, u addressed all the issues nicely & learn so many new things to stay healthy & peaceful mind. pl update yr future programmes also through whatsapp to keep in touch with you.
Anup Singh,(9818843433) Under Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs(GOI), New Delhi
TRAINING : Managing Remote Team  Name – Leadership Team – Redington, 1st & 2nd June 2021
Subrat subrat.satapathy@redington.co.in (Thank You Dr. Anubha for a wonderful session and making us aware with what more can be done to manage virtual team and motivate your team from time to time),
Karthik Narayanan R –karthik.ram@redington.co.in> Mobile: +91 73050 72189, (It was a wonderful , Interactive and informative sessionAppreciate the clarity you brought to the table on managing virtual teams. 
Kaushik Roy– kaushik.roy@redington.co.in – Thank u so much for this wonderful session Anubha  
MAYANK –  HR –Thank you very much for the session delivered to our Leadership team, the session was very interactive and we hope that this should really help the leaders to bring an effective change in managing their team members. Wishing all the best for your future endeavours. Let’s look forward to more projects with you.


COACHING : Executive Coaching  – A big THANK YOU to all the Coaches for putting in relentless efforts this APRIL, MAY, JUNE 2021 by doing 1118 coaching sessions and giving it their best. Your experience, grit and determination are very much visible in what the Coachees have to say about them. Sharing with you some feedback that we received from Coachees.


Select positive feedback from Coachees

Ajay Ramakrishnan

– “After the first session with the coach, I started feeling more strength with my inner self..Start believing my capabilities”

– “Excellent and very useful session”

Dr.Anubha Walia

– “Good initiative. The session was lively and was able to get valuable inputs”.

It is very nice session and much useful for our career development.

We are much thankful to you and to our organisation.

Inderjit Kaur

– “Coaching program was very practical n effective.”

– “I am enjoying the Coaching Program as it  helps in self-evaluating and identifying problem areas and finding solutions to tackle them.”

Jayashree Marakini Braganza

– “Good knowledge, positive approach  and convincing guidance.”

– “Coach helped me realise my inner strength and focus on my positives with an open mind and also suggested the activities to be done in the next few weeks to improve on the competencies that I have chosen. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the coaching method and it did serve the purpose.”

Manpreet Uppal

– “It was nice interactive session and I found it very useful for me”

Namrata Dhasmana

– “Really nice. Overall good. It’s useful for shaping the personality development.”

Renu Khanna

– “The coach has assisted me more effectively to identify the opportunity areas which I would like to work on in a measurable and time bound manner so that it can be reviewed in case of any improvement needs.”

– “It was really useful. Coach gas shared some ideas and streamlined my activities also. Overall it was good and should lead to better changes in me.”

– “The coaching program was very informative and the coach was able to understand my need and guide me as per the requirement”

Sarita Rochwani

– “Program is very effective for the development and

Coach is very learned, positive and skilled enough to handle the fantastic session. It was a great experience and  opportunity for me.”

– “The coaching program was very wonderful, it has helped me to identify the issues , hidden weakness and projected a raynof hope to have changes in my mindset. Way to take smaller steps to changes self for self motivation and implant positive thoughts in self is suggested for implementation. Excellent”

TRAINING : SERVICE DESIGN Name – FIIB Delhi, manpreet.uppal@fiib.edu.in
Screenshot 2020-12-22 at 12.41.24 PM

TRAINING : HR ANALYTICS Name – Arpita Ganguly, Organisation-Dachser India Private Limited, Designation- HR Manager – 9899732247, Email- arpita.ganguly@dachser.com

Feedback-It has been a great learning experience attending HR Analytics classes from Ms. Anubha Walia. With practical insights and latest research shared, combined with use of problem solving approach to identify and solve corporate challenges using HR analytics models, students come out better enlightened about the topic. Anubha conducts highly interactive sessions ensuring high student participation.


Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 5.04.15 PM

ONLINE SESSION’s Feedback for PRISM for session Professional Ethics

{1}I attended PRISM session via zoom on ‘Professional ethics and values’. I really liked the way she tried to make the sessions as interactive as they can be even during this virtual setting. The concept of breakout rooms, polls, morning photos, all made me feel connected to the entire class. I really liked her way of appreciating and uplifting each and every member of the class. The real life examples and case studies discussed in the class has helped Me to absorb the concepts better.

{2}I never thought I would have so much fun in online classes. The activities were structured in such a way that it constantly put us into dilemmas and helped us build teamwork and appreciation of others. Our opinions were considered of value which encouraged us in speaking out more.

{3}According to me the course was very interesting and extensive. The sessions were conducted very smoothly in terms of the context being very simple crisp and highly informative. I must say Pooja Ma’am acknowledged each and every reply and answers by each student very nicely. It was very good to see that all our thoughts are being respected and given so much regard. The sessions were highly interactive and most importantly, even though the course was taught online, nothing about the learning process was compromised and we got to do as many activities as we could do,keeping the virtual barrier in mind.

{4}The Professional Ethics course taken by PRISM was highly interactive,smooth and understandable. She left no stone unturned in actually making us feel very comfortable with our replies and by respecting each one of our opinions on every situation that arose. She taught the course with utmost perfection besides bridging the gap between her and the students and creating a very positive and a friendly environment altogether. The lessons were activity orientated which kept us hooked till the end and we’re delivered with a very light yet crisp manner. In total there wasn’t an iota of boredom and everything was broken down into simpler forms for our betterment. From Ayush Jain

View more feedbacks by clicking link https://anubhawalia.wordpress.com/2020/07/15/prism-feedback/ 

Name: Saurabh Bagai Email: bagai.saurabh@gmail.com :Feedback / Testimonial / Appreciation / Improvement: Ms. Walia have thorough understanding of the subject. The way she makes us understand this subject, with so much ease is incredible. She talks with hands on knowledge and lot of experience in the field of Analytics. She understands the nuances of this subject and delivers in a way that it becomes easier for the participants to relate with their professional life.It was a great insight to HR analytics. The way she explained made us easy to understand this subject and glued to session.
Ms. Walia you are doing great!!. Thank you so very much for taking up this subject in ISTD.

Training Topic : HR Analytics Date of Training: 9 session via Zoom
Organisation / Institution: ISTD

Trainer / Coach / Facilitator / Consultant Name: Ms. Anubha Walia

NIFT  : PD, Communication : Students of Grad and Post Grad|Delhi I

As the module itself says personality development, still there comes a feeling of not getting what exactly it is expected from a subject because many times in my school we have attended various lectures and workshops with multiple renowed personalities and those lectures didn’t turned out very fruitful to me so this time with Pooja ma’am I was expecting same, but things were far different, from first day of session I was enjoying each and every line spoken by you which we could relate to ourselves, you made us realise our own worth, you gave us the confidence to take risk and gain strength from it. I was the one who always tried being in my shell, but it was you only who pulled me out to see the best version of myself. 

None of my words are sugar coated here, each line over here is linked to my heart. You really fullfills the meaning of a best teacher. Shiv Nift-Mobile:7355195146

I did 1 week classes personality development by pooja mam ( prism )  I learned lots of things how to improve personality how to talk people and improve your body posture and there classes was very interesting  and well coordinate  bcz I did lots of fun activities , play and we intract with whole classe it was really amazing experience and in this seassion i never felt it’s class thanku pooja mam for your support and knowledge you shared with us. Piyush Nift- Mobile7007894388

I loved that session with you ma’am. Very well planned and it is still one of the best classes i ever took. No pressure,no worry still learning was a important part part of the session. When i chose it i didn’t expect it to be such great. Absolutely loved the experience and highly recommend PRISM. Abhijeet Nift-7054852299

NEC Technologies  : OD Intervention : Deepika| Senior Manager | Noida I deepika.in@gmail.com I  All the sessions conducted by PRISM were very knowledgable and absoutely refreshing . There was lot to learn and imbibe.

Long image 2021-01-02 08.40.20

FMA BANK  : Strategic IQ, Executive Presence : AbhijeetAngane| Senior Vp & Relationship Head| Mumbai I  IThe training was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed it. I have attended several trainings before but I cant recall anyoneof them having such a strong impact especially the one which Anubha from Prism imparted on Leadership. She has great presentation skills …. keep rocking Anubha.


Motherson  : EQ : Rajeeb Tripathy| AVP – Noida Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 10.33.50 PM

COCUBES  : Presentation Skills : Deepika Deepika Pant | Senior Associate, | 12th Floor | Welldone Tech Park | Sohna Road, Sector 48 | Gurugram – 122002 m +91 8449396700 deepika.pant@cocubes.com

Hi Anubha,

Thanks for sharing the study material. I would like to tell you that this was the best session I have ever attended. 😊 from shikha.gupta050496@gmail.com

Hi Anubha, Thank you for all the time and effort that you put in your sessions. This was one of the best trainings I have attended.Look forward to attending more such trainings with you.:)

Kriti Sharma kritis32b@gmail.com

Hi Anubha,

I hope things are safe & good at your end.
I was just going through some hard time in understanding few thing related to career choices. Your name crossed my mind then and there.
Trust me i have never met a person as warm and happy as you are in your sessions. It must take a lot of hard work and strength to make people feel connected and positive and at the same time making them feel comfortable so that they can put their true selves ahead during sessions.
I remember when you said you work day and night and still you never feel bored or tired and still manage to achieve your end goals.I swear you became my inspiration.
Today how you manage everything is a dream to me.Its been 4 years i am working in the same work field. Trust me i have a long way to go to achieve my end goals like you(Confidence, hard work, Happiness & Time Management). I feel these jobs have sucked up all my energy its been months that i am not able to figure out a permanent solution.Though still figuring out what to do next.
I really want to take this moment to thank you and appreciate everything you do for us. ☺
Stay healthy & safe!!
Thanks & Regards,

AON : Presenting with Impact: Priya ( HR) 

Screenshot 2019-05-20 at 9.50.44 PM

AON : Creative and Lateral Thinking Name: Rahulfullsizeoutput_4344.jpeg


HoRenSo Japanese Culture Session  : Team Panasonic: 

  • apoorv.rana96
    It was a very great experience ma’am, i got to know many things about the culture of Panasonic how to work on our weaknesses…… Thank you so much ma’am
  • prajwaltyagi13
    It was a great session to know about culture of the firm 😊😊
  • shruti_anu
    Till date the best experience! Such a nice and warm welcome to the corporate world! Thankyou so much ma’am! 😊
  • sjayash01
    Thankyou so much ma’am. I’LL never forget PRISM in my life.👍
  • gaursaab.abhi
    Had a wonderful experience with you Ma’am! Will try my best to implement PRISM approach in my life and stay connected with you. Thank you very much for the day!! 😊
  • ankit.mishra877190
    Thank you ma’am for sharing your experience with us, I hope it make our life in a better way from journey PREPARE to MAINTAIN in a effectively & efficiently👍
  • loving_sidd
    Great experience and thoughts shared by mam thank u mam for such a wonderful experience 😊
  • vikastiwari8879
    It was the great learning for me, how to manage our personal life and corporate life and how to face upcoming challenges 🔥
  • shivam.chaurasia7309
    Learned about SHARING and its importance in one’s life at every moment in the journey of life.
  • aroraaditi355
    It is really a great experience i ever had, thank you so much for your guidence and make up corporate ready.
  • prajwaltyagi13
    Navdeep- It was a wonderful session and we enjoyed and learned a lot 😍
  • srijapandey
    It was a great experience with u mam and@theprismphilosophy.this session will really help us in our new journey and in every step of our life.i m really very thankful to you.
  • kapeesh_birlaji
    Thank you so much ma’am for such a great learning session. It will be really helpful for our future. I will try my best to implement PRISM in my life.
  • anjalisingh987
    Thank you ma’am. It was a great great experience. It will help me to achieve my goal and to be a successful person in personal as well as professional life.
  • aayushagrwal
    It was great learning experience ma’am all together . Thank you for your support. We will surely try to IMPLEMENT all, to make out future bright.
  • apoorv.rana96
    It was a very great experience ma’am, i got to know many things about the culture of Panasonic how to work on our weaknesses…… Thank you so much ma’am
  • prajwaltyagi13
    It was a great session to know about culture of the firm 😊😊
  • shruti_anu
    Till date the best experience! Such a nice and warm welcome to the corporate world! Thankyou so much ma’am! 😊
  • sjayash01
    Thankyou so much ma’am. I’LL never forget PRISM in my life.👍
  • gaursaab.abhi
    Had a wonderful experience with you Ma’am! Will try my best to implement PRISM approach in my life and stay connected with you. Thank you very much for the day!! 😊
  • ankit.mishra877190
    Thank you ma’am for sharing your experience with us, I hope it make our life in a better way from journey PREPARE to MAINTAIN in a effectively & efficiently👍
SOCIAL ETIQUETTE : Diksharth Harsh: 

Dear Ma’am I have attended your session this Friday 10th Aug at MDI, Gurgaon and it provided tremendous insights about the brand building as well as the use of digital media and how vital role it plays in developing the user at present age. Thank you for your graceful words. With regards Diksharth Harsh

TRAIN THE TRAINER: IDBI BANK, Name: Dr. Sarvesh Gupta, CommentReally its amazing…..person like me who think that he is perfect one….Now I can say she is only “Anubha” who prove me wrong….😧😧😧 after her sessions i realise a lot of scope for improvement …..Thank you very much Anubha….Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 11.45.06 AM

TRAIN THE TRAINER: Sr.Banker  Anil Marwah Email: a_marwah@idbi.co.inCOMMENT: Brilliantly designed Training Program with overall enhancement on delivery & teaching skills has not only added to the diversity in methodology but has eventually taken the Trainer to a next higher level in imparting knowledge in an effective manner making it a delightful experience.

SIX SIGMA TRAINING: KRONOS INDIA, Name: Shilpa Sharma, Email: shilpa.bhatnagar99@gmail.com, Comment: Hi Anubha, The Six Sigma training was very helpful and effective, especially the way you covered the topic with real-life examples makes it even more impactful.

I am hopeful that we use the concepts learnt to make an impact in our life and at work. You have been a great facilitator, hope to be a part of your learning sessions in future too!


Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 7.15.39 PM

Panasonic : Critical Thinking Name:Chandni Nidhi, EMAIL:chandni.nidhi@yahoo.com


Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets: Collaboration & Team effectiveness Name: Sanchi Sareen, DESIGNATION: Consultant EMAIL:sanchi.sareen@gmail.com

Hey, Anubha Thanks to you for the wonderful team building workshop. We all enjoyed the activities a lot and I think we could see a very positive environment around post the activities. What made the difference was picking up examples from daily life and relating these to work life. Thoroughly enjoyed the session ☺️☺️ Regards Sanchi

Name: Megha Rawat, DESIGNATION: HR L&D, Anubha you are amazing Trainer. It was a pleasure to have you for this session. Frankly speaking ….U know how you make the dead audience “alive”… U have become an inspiration for me. Thank you so much for guidance and time.

Panasonic India: Winners Within (Time Mgmt & Wellness, Creative thinkingCommunication) Name: Gaurav Kapoor, DESIGNATION: Consultant EMAIL:gaurav.kapoor@in.panasonic.com , gauravkk199@gmail.com

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 11.35.56 AM

NEC TECHNOLOGIES  SESSION  : LEADERSHIP  Name: Kapil  DESIGNATION: Manager HR, EMAIL: kapil.kumar@nectechnologies.in

It’s a wonderfully designed activity-based program which helped all the participants to learn about the first step towards the journey of being a virtuous future leader.

The Energetic Anubha Maurya Walia with her assenting advent & thoughts kept us engrossed in the situational based learning activities with fantastic instances to make us understand the relevance in a better way. I believe, the most important distinctive of a great leader is the way to he/she convey the constructive feedback to their subordinates which I learnt from this program.

A day well spent! Looking forward for the next level of Leadership program.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.47.59 PM
SHEORES SESSION: MOTIVATION Name: PRACHI  Email:prachi.saraph@gmail.com I enjoyed listening to you during Shero’s meet today 26th Nov 2016. What you shared seemed straight from the heart and full of passion and energy. I could relate to your points of making a goals list and working towards it as I started doing it last 3 yrs myself and could channelise my personal and professional life. You definitely reflected lot of positivity and inspiration. So thanks for sharing your learnings and experience.
TRAINING : High-Performance Team with Upper Middle Mgmt Ajax Fiori Name: Awaneesh -AGM  Email:a.thakur@ajax-fiori.com
Anubha and her PRISM philosophy made us had a wonderful season on the team at Indore. The games and entire workshop were just fabulous accompanying energy & mind thought. Hope to have her session again and again. With team Ajax – Nov 2016
CONSULTANCY: TQM  with Upper Middle Mgmt METRO TYRES Name: Shivam Ojha  Email:shivam.raswaa1995@gmail.com
It was a great opportunity to learn under your guidance and appreciate PRISM Philosophy.
 TRAINING : BUSINESS ETIQUETTE  with Upper Middle Mgmt MOTHER SON Name: Peeyush Gupta  Email:peeyush@mttl.motherson.com 
The day was fantastic as we had done so many activities which I didn’t do in my whole corporate experience. Also, I had experienced the inner strength and type of personality which I am.
Thank you so much Anubha for the wonderful experience. I will be grateful if this type of training will be a plan in future also.

TRAINING: GENDER SENSITIVITY with Upper Middle Mgmt NEC Name: Megha Jain HR DEPT Email:on request

Overall training was very good. Want to compliment for the kind of exercises and examples shared. It was a very interactive session with the appropriate pace of training. I am very confident that this session will help us bring change in our working styles and being more sensitive towards such issues.

TRAINING : SIX SIGMA GB & YB with Upper Middle Mgmt – TOI, NOIDA, Name: Arunabh, Email: arunabh.dhande@timesgroup.com.

The Presentation was excellent. I appreciate the knowledge of Anubha as well as excellent supporting examples. Effectively communicated complex technical theory in an understandable way.
“I really got more out of the class than I thought I would”

Thanks, Anubha, for sharing all your experience. I feel it has given me enough to explore and has also made me a lot curious about experimenting with data.

Name: Tina  Email:tina.jain@timesgroup.com

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of this excellent training for Six Sigma. You have helped me to recharge my battery again and perform efficiently and effectively.You were very impressive. Your attitude, style, spirit, emotions, feelings, heart and hard work were just outstanding. I felt you were a great speaker.I enjoyed working with you on all of these projects and statistics, which i will definitively execute in my day to day life.

Many thanks for very exquisite and informative training sessions. You have given my dream back and I can make it come true now.The course was very effective, more than I expected, and delivered in a professional way. Your experience is my learning and a pathway for a new direction.
Thanks Anubha!!!

TRAINING : HIGH IMAPCT COMMUNICATION with Upper Middle Mgmt – Honeywell, Gurgaon, Nov 2015, Name: Dr. Jince Sebastian, Email: Jince.Sebastian@Honeywell.com
Anubha, I personally feel that the two days training section on “high impact communication” was really fantastic, thank you very much for conducting the section in an interesting way. I feel all the participants learned lot of new techniques to improve their communication and enjoyed section.

Name: Arghya Maitra Email: amaitra0911@gmail.com. Great feedback with EXCELLENT in our PRISM Philosophy.
Comment: Prepare : Excellent, Respect : Excellent, Implement : Excellent, Share : Excellent, Maintain : Excellent

Overall : Excellent.

TRAINING : COACHING & COUNSELING WITH Sr. MGMT – TEAM NEC, Noida, Oct 2015, surinder.mohan@nectechnologies.in Comment: Your idea of mixing the theoretical concept with activities made it quite lively and will allow us to retain for a longer duration.


TRAINING: HORENSO & PDCA CYCLE (QUALITY) Sept 2015 Ankit Khanduja – Sales Manager (With more than 6 years of retail experience): “Hey, Today I have attended a session with Anubha on Japanese Culture, Practices & Tools. It was a great learning experience, full of needed content, well structured, thoughtful and exciting. Anubha has a great hold on the topics and she has a great way of making others understand the same. I am again thankful and would love to attend more sessions in the future.”
TRAINING: Corporate Etiquettes, Professional Excellence, Leadership : Rajiv – Manager HR – Manufacturing Industry: Anubha has been consistently good human being on this earth. Actually, her positive energy which creates an impact on everything she does. It has been my privilege working with Ms Anubha for many training programs as participants & as a coordinator as well. As a participant, my inputs for him will be “She is disciplined, methodical, organized and creative. Her ability to connect people, inspire the audience and presentation skills are amazing. I recommend her for behavioural training programs as a facilitator & as a coach. Her passion towards sharing knowledge is unbeatable. As a coordinator, I would simply say that she is structured & committed. ROI of her training has been on a higher side of a scale. She is persistent, polite, and always professional. She has a tremendous work ethic, incredible passion for the business, a positive attitude, and have earned excellent feedback from participants consistently always.
Anubha's Feedback on Session Managing Self
Anubha’s Feedback on Session Managing Self


How some trainees felt after the session:

“Overwhelmed, Confident, Knowledgeable, Motivated, Will suggest others to attend this program”  Vijay Kumar Raina

“Knowledgeable” Ankur K. Sharma

“Knowledgeable, Will suggest others to attend this program” Prabhat Kumar Sharma

Excellent session gained worthy inputs for the base as to follow Six Sigma in my professional career ahead.

“Anubha Ma’am has best delivery style in training & coaching through involving individuals during the session and encouraging them.” Vikrant Katoch, Restaurant Manager at Leading Food Chain

TRAINING: Six Sigma & 5S July 2013 AJAY GOYAL Product Manager: Packaging Industry Anubha is a versatile trainer. She is passionate about her work and compassionate as a person. She treats her trainees with comfort and has been instrumental in designing effective and do- able learning paths for each individual. She is a sincere and committed individual with good people relationship skills. It was a pleasure to be her participant in the program with her in Goa.

TRAINING: TRAIN THE TRAINER July 2015 Rajeeb Tripathy HR: IT Industry “Excellent trainer. Anubha is a modern world trainer, the sharp edge of knowledge she possesses & she is energetic too.”

TRAINING: PLANNING ORGANISING & PDCA Program June  2014 Pankaj Kumar Rai, Manager, EIL : (Construction Industry): I don’t have words with me to explain the importance of such programme at least for me. I can only say that Training programme was simply excellent and covered aspects which we take for granted and highlight measures of making improvements by proper (SMART goal) planning before execution is in place. As of today with my experience, I can say planning definitely helps is saving my precious time and avoid surprises at a later date in my day to day routine. Thanks, Anubha Mam for delivering/ facilitating such an excellent, beautiful and structured Training programme for me. I can only say, As being Trainer/ facilitator you are spreading awareness “Art of Living- Building the team for leading a better lifestyle” among people.

TRAINING: NEGOTIATION & CONFLICT Manish Kumar – Sales Head white goods industry: In our Negotiation skills workshop With her relentless pursuit of excellence, motivation and her knowledge of art, Anubha brings wealth of knowledge and skills in any training she conducts.

Log in to my company’s blog for more details or get in touch with me at Anubhawalia@gmail.com


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