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  • PRISM Executive Coaching

    PRISM Executive Coaching

    PRISM Philosophy BCG PROJECT – COACHING Session 2  June – July 2021 PRISM Coaches Average Score Feedbacks Inderjit Kaur 4.7 12 Dr.Anubha Walia 4.6 49 Sarita Rochwani 4.6 34 Capt Shikha Saxena 4.6 20 Renu Khanna 4.5 43 Manpreet Uppal 4.5 35 Ajay Ramakrishnan 4.5 33 Jayashree M Braganza 4.5 17 www.prismphilosophy.com PRISM PHILOSOPHY :…

  • The Unmatched Power of “Thank-You”

    The Unmatched Power of “Thank-You”

    When people thank one another, it benefits both the giver and the receiver. Gratitude uplifts people’s spirits and promotes well-being. There are 14 beneficial effects that gratitude has on the health of employees and the workplace:

  • WOMENs DAY – Training versatile ladies of corporate world

    As a part of Strategic Culture initiative of MNC, Prism Team trained Wonderful women of all the department of big multinational. We were delighted to see how Seniors and HR working toward Women empowerment and we together identified 3Ps- Poise Presence Polish for women etiquettes leading to empowering and excelling them. For more information contact…