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35 responses to “PRISM – TTT Feedback”

  1. Raveesh Zindani Avatar
    Raveesh Zindani

    Dr Anubha… a fantastic trainer and motivator. I have learned a lot in the 3 days session and would sincerely practice to bring that in my habit.


  2. Ravi Kant Dubey Avatar
    Ravi Kant Dubey

    Dear Dr.Anubha ji,
    Good evining,

    I am very pleased to inform you about TTT
    I got very knowledge and practical usefull
    learning tools and techniques.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Ravi kant Dubey..BTP.


  3. Mahesh Kulkarni Avatar
    Mahesh Kulkarni

    Great presentation style, very interactive ,informative, a mix of theory, practical and demonstration totally enjoyed the learning, Dr. Anubha is engaging Trainer, Training concepts presented as Very easy to understand, its very useful, personally and professionally I will take away lots of things that i can apply quickly .
    Thank you


  4. Sumit Trivedi Avatar
    Sumit Trivedi

    Dr Anubha is a very professional trainer. she knows her subject very well. Her delivery of the trainning is very structured and engaging.

    I wish her the best of future !


  5. Pranesh PARTHASARATHY Avatar

    We had a wonderful learning experience through Dr. Anubha ji. My aspiration is to create more internal trainers to create a elite batch of trainers. I may distrub you for further support if required.


  6. Kuntal Shukla Avatar
    Kuntal Shukla

    Dr. Anubha jee
    Thank you for a great training. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course. This has more than met my expectations. A wonderfully practical course – both personally and professionally.

    Thanks so much for your very valuable training. Shared useful links for skill development, presentation skill , google scholar, slideshare many etc. new for me. 👏


  7. Karthik Avatar

    Good insights being shared for a perfect training. Maintaining the same enthusiasm for 3 days is commendable. Thanks for your tips.


  8. Pradeep Avatar

    Thanks to Dr.Anubha , we have attended a program under her guidance and it’s excellent… it’s very much useful in our day today life … how to present any of the topic in a structured way..thanks a lot


  9. Vinai Avatar

    Had opportunity to attend the training program “Train the trainer” conducted by Dr Anubha.
    It was full of learning three days, Dr Anubha subject knowledge and her simple methods to teach us was easily understandable to all age audience.


  10. Melbin T Varghese Avatar
    Melbin T Varghese

    Great feeling in attending the “ TRAIN THE TRAINER “ program conducted by Dr.Anubha Walia. Great learning experience. As always it was an excellent delivery by Dr.Anubha since I attended some other sessions earlier as well. I could understand the importance of proper preparation and delivery while conducting a Training session even though I did some trainings earlier. I could learn many important points while conducting a trading session to properly engage the audience for a fruitful session. Thanks for the wonderful session. Great learning experience…,


    1. Dineshsharma Avatar

      Great learning from great Dr Anubha walia.This is second learning program from Dr walia and learnt a lot of techniques on frutful presentation.


  11. Melbin T Varghese Avatar
    Melbin T Varghese

    Great learning experience, Just to reflect on the three days session some of the topics covered are, VAK, Herts Rule, 5C, Pedagogy/Andragogy, Developing a content, Six Types of Outline, IBC concept, PPT Protocol, Conducting Great Delivery with Pitch, Pause, Pace & Power, Analytical & Emotional brain, Dysfunctionality, Story Telling, Icebraker & Energiser, RAMP, Recap, Roadmap, Eye contact etc….
    Wonderful session, I could do understand many tips for a fruitful presentation/ training.


    1. Shiva shankari Avatar
      Shiva shankari

      Training was excellent .Topics covered Qualities of trainer , VAK , Learning Styles which is the best part


    2. Dineshsharma Avatar

      Great learning from three days session are pedagogy, Andrology, different type of question, ppt protocol, conducting presentation in pitch and many more .


  12. Govardhanan Avatar

    Great experience. Made easy to prepare presentation using various tools / technique.


  13. giriraj1980gmailcom Avatar

    I have attended this fantastic session on training the trainer. The program was quite comprehensive and useful. I have learnt so many techniques and skills which I will incorporate in my future training sessions and even corporate presentations


  14. Manohar Lal Gayari Avatar
    Manohar Lal Gayari

    Very good opportunity to learn about how to present the ppt and how you answer the audience.
    Also the principle of training etc.
    Overall very good learning.


  15. Atul Gupta Avatar
    Atul Gupta

    Overall program was well organised. Gave insights on the way to present with practical exposure where you are evaluated with team.
    Good experience and help me to excell in making me a better presenter


  16. Tarun Rawat Avatar
    Tarun Rawat

    It was a good learning experience. Learnt a lot on different styles of delivering the training and insights of presentation.


  17. Shwetha Menon Avatar
    Shwetha Menon

    The session was a highly engaging learning experience that broke down the nuances to take care of while planning a session. The instruction and criticism was also constructive. Biggest takeaway during the training session was on audience engagement be it regarding timing, activity etc.
    Dr. Anubha’s sessions are highly recommended.


  18. M S Rawat Avatar
    M S Rawat

    I got to learned a lot of things
    (Improve skill ) in these three days 3TP.


  19. Sasikumar Sivashanmugam Avatar
    Sasikumar Sivashanmugam

    Nice session had been conducted 3days..
    List of key points during the day learned
    1.Training session planning
    2.Activity based training


  20. Yukrant Sharma Avatar
    Yukrant Sharma

    Great presentation style, very interactive ,informative, a mix of theory, practical and demonstration totally enjoyed


  21. Jitendra Chouhan Avatar
    Jitendra Chouhan

    The sessions was excellent. We have learnt many thing like Teaching, Training, Guiding ,Coaching. Andragogy, Knowledge, Skill, Training Methodology, analyzing your audience, How to present your self etc


    1. Soumen Mondal Avatar

      Great 👍. I am in deed!!


  22. Soumen Mondal Avatar

    Learned lot of new things. It’s a very energetic and we’ll engagement training program and I have enjoyed a lot. Thanks to Dr Anubha for the wonderful and memorable session and thanks to my HR Department for selecting me and giving the opportunity for the said programme “Train The Trainer”


  23. Jeyachandran Avatar

    I am pleased to share this training session is very good learning of TTT.
    Specifically Topics presentation in the TTT group and feedback share among team. It will helpful to improve ourself further. These session of ICE breaker, Six stages of learning and 5 different types of question are very interactive. Thanks


  24. Saroj Kumar padhy Avatar

    Had opportunity to attend the training program “Train the trainer” conducted by Dr Anubha.
    It was full of learning three days, Dr Anubha subject knowledge and her simple methods to teach us was easily understandable to all age audience.


  25. priamjit kakaty Avatar
    priamjit kakaty

    It was very impactful d days session. It is a great confidence booster for me. Learnt various tools to use while preparing presentation or developing training program. It will be of tremendous help for the organization as a whole in addition to self development.


  26. Sunil Kumar Mehta Avatar
    Sunil Kumar Mehta

    Indeed a great learning experience.RAMP, VAK, Dysfunctionality, feedback tools, Anecdotes and stories are some of key learnings. Very interactive sessions kept engaged and could realise where time goes. Moreover the way of Prism Philosophy made it very simple to understand.

    Unforgettable workshop.

    Thanks to Dr. Anubha for her simplicity and great way of training. You really make every topic interesting.


  27. Dayaram Avatar

    Enjoyed the taring with lot’s of new learning.
    Best learning i had after attending this TTT ,is how to identify what should be considered as a best content for PPT .
    And how can train different type of trainees by studying/knowing their behaviour.
    And i haven’t felt bored through out the trailing.
    Even i had given my Frist personation over online platform than also i was relaxed and comfortable due to the learning i had in this program by Dr Anubha.
    I wish you a great and happy life ahead Ma’am.Thank you.


  28. Rohit Kumar Srivastava Avatar

    Great presentation style, very interactive, informative, a mix of theory, practical and demonstration totally enjoyed the learnings. PRISM philosophy is very useful for the trainers or people who are presenting in public, this includes everything right from Selection of Subject, preparation and presenting with great outcome and feedback.
    Thank You


  29. Ravi Prakash Shrotriya Avatar
    Ravi Prakash Shrotriya

    Great Learning Experience. Perfect content delivery by Dr Anubha Walia Ji.I have learnt many new things. Whole session was very engaging.


  30. Yatendra Singh Avatar
    Yatendra Singh

    We learned about
    1) how to prepare the content
    2)training methodology
    3)Different tools for engagement
    5) PPT Basics
    Only one small suggestion that we have to incorporate AV as well for better understanding of delivering/ dressing style/ body languages etc
    or after the video we can ask from the participants what could be better in this !
    Thanks 👍🙏


  31. Muralikrishnan M S Avatar
    Muralikrishnan M S

    It was Wonderful training experience. 3 days session.. lots of new learning.. Now the time to adopt the learning in to the real life.. Challenge is to erase the conventional training baggage.. Lets make it as part of life..

    Once again thankyou very much for the session…


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