We seek your Feedback

PRISM PHILOSOPHY really “Thank all the NIFT students” #Thankyou NIFT cum budding professionals for showcasing your learning and engagement capability. We must acknowledge we too learned from you all.

Well, Any Project is incomplete without appreciation and feedback. Please share about your experience with PRISM and especially your trainer cum facilitator. Thanks you and big virtual hug. All the very best in near future.

Please give your comment/ inputs/feedback in box by adding your details:







114 responses to “We seek your Feedback”

  1. P.Sourabh Kori Avatar
    P.Sourabh Kori

    The Communication Skills Training session mentored by Shilpa Ma’am was really amazing. Despite the handicaps of online medium ( connectivity issues, voices breaking up etc), our mentor made sure to lead with an example and kept the class interesting. The brainstorming sessions before every topic were very useful and played a key role in everyone, even the most shy person of the batch to speak up and share. It was a really great week and an awesome training session overall.


    1. Sarthak Avatar

      It was a great learning experience and a very interactive one. So thank you for all the insights, suggestions, and help. 🙂


  2. Shivangi Seth Avatar
    Shivangi Seth

    I attended Pooja Kishore Ma’am’s classes via zoom on ‘Professional ethics and values’. I really liked the way she tried to make the sessions as interactive as they can be even during this virtual setting. The concept of breakout rooms, polls, morning photos, all made me feel connected to the entire class. I really liked her way of appreciating and uplifting each and every member of the class. The real life examples and case studies discussed in the class has helped Me to absorb the concepts better.

    Once again, thank you Pooja Ma’am.
    – Shivangi Seth
    MFM 2019-2021


  3. Arunima Awasthy Avatar
    Arunima Awasthy

    Trainer Name- Ms. Pooja Kishore. The course was quite informative and involved participation of each and every student through various activities and discussions. The activities were structured in such a way that it constantly put us into dilemmas and we had to make choices as per our morals. As a trainer, Ms. Pooja was not only well informed but also very patient and appreciative of us. Our opinions were considered of value which encouraged us in speaking out more.


  4. unconventionalsayo Avatar

    Personality Developement
    Trainer Name- Ms. Sanjana Adlakha.
    I never thought I would have so much fun in online classes. The activities were structured in such a way that it constantly put us into dilemmas and helped us build teamwork and appreciation of others. Our opinions were considered of value which encouraged us in speaking out more.


  5. Surbhi Yadav Avatar
    Surbhi Yadav

    Trainer- Ms. Pooja

    It was a wonderful module. It talked about Business Ethics and I got to learn a lot of new things like Ethical Theories and Whistle Blowing.
    The week was full of various interactions, discussions, games and polls. And the concept of breakout rooms was very innovative and interesting considering the present situation.

    All in all, I had a lot of fun.

    Thank you!


    1. Habiba Sultana Avatar
      Habiba Sultana

      Trainer – Shilpa Wadhwa
      I got to learn so many things about communication. How it is the most effective way to express and understand each other. I would really like to recommend this GE to others and also my juniors.

      It was a fun course
      Thank you


  6. Shalini Pandit Avatar
    Shalini Pandit

    Thank you for such an informative experience and all the interactive sessions Pooja Ma’am. Had a great time.


  7. Harsheen Vohra Avatar
    Harsheen Vohra

    I attended the professional ethics and values class with Ms. Pooja Kishore and I have been totally satisfied and happy with experience! A lot to learn and tale on from! She’s been very understanding and made sure all of us were always on the same page! Thank you for this experience Maam!
    Harsheen Vohra
    Nift new delhi


  8. Neha Kashyap Avatar
    Neha Kashyap

    I have learned the consequences that could present if we performed a project determined of a way correctly moral and ethic.It is important to know as we evolve in environment professionally.


    1. G2 Avatar



      1. Ahan Takkar Avatar
        Ahan Takkar

        Really interactive and engaging sessions with Manpreet ma’am, she’s super fun and understanding. Thankyou!


  9. Khushi faruqi Avatar
    Khushi faruqi

    Trainer name -Ms.Pooja Kishore.

    According to me the course was very interesting and extensive. The sessions were conducted very smoothly in terms of the context being very simple crisp and highly informative. I must say Pooja Ma’am acknowledged each and every reply and answers by each student very nicely. It was very good to see that all our thoughts are being respected and given so much regard. The sessions were highly interactive and most importantly, even though the course was taught online, nothing about the learning process was compromised and we got to do as many activities as we could do,keeping the virtual barrier in mind.


  10. Nainika Khetan Avatar
    Nainika Khetan

    I attended Pooja ma’am’s classes from 14/07/2020 to 18/07/2020. The classes were enlightening especially when it comes to business ethics. I learnt new terminologies like insider trading and whistle blower. The classes were very interactive and and everyone was very patient and understanding when it came to understanding others’ opinions. In all, we learnt a lot about ethics not only at personal or business level but also societal level.


  11. Arpita Shet Avatar
    Arpita Shet

    Loved the classes. Learned alot.


  12. Aniket Avatar

    Enjoyed my time and online class are not ass stress as I thought it will be.


  13. kavya mittal Avatar
    kavya mittal

    Trainer Name – Ms. Pooja Kishore. The course was very informative and interactive. The trainer was very understanding and patient with us. Each one of us was heard and respected.


  14. Aadhyaa Bhatt Avatar
    Aadhyaa Bhatt

    Trainer name : Pooja Kishore
    The course was very helpful and extremely informative. There was active participation by the students and positive motivation was provided to us by our trainer.


  15. yukta khandelwal Avatar
    yukta khandelwal

    I attended Ms.Sanjana’s class and it was such a beautiful experience, she covered everything from improving your personality to team work to business etiquettes to building professionalism to stress management. A very cooperative person.
    Attended the class from 14/07/2020- 18/07/2020


  16. Khushi Karanseth Avatar
    Khushi Karanseth

    Course name: Professional Ethics.
    Trainer name: Dr. Gunjana Rana

    Gunjana ma’am has been very supportive and friendly since the first day of our class. The classes were very interesting and she made it very comprehensive for us to understand all the aspects of ethics and where it is applied. It was as a wonderful opportunity to be a part of her sessions because she was always keen on knowing whether we are clear with our concepts and always keen on acknowledging every student’s opinions and answers on the topics we have covered. In short, she made it very crisp and easy for us to understand and grasp the learning well.

    Khushi Karanseth
    KD 7
    Nift New Delhi


  17. Vedika Agarwal Avatar
    Vedika Agarwal

    Super Informative! Thank you Babita Ma’am 🙂

    Vedika Agarwal
    Semester 5
    Accessory Design


    1. Kawanshi Anand Avatar
      Kawanshi Anand

      It’s a great session with you Nishie ma’am.. i have learnt a lot of things from you.. session was really fun & interactive and you are the really amazing person & a teacher..❤️
      Thankyou ma’am..
      ~Kawanshi Anand.


  18. Ayush Jain Avatar
    Ayush Jain

    Course name: Professional Ethics
    Trainer name: Dr. Gunjana Rana

    The Professional Ethics course taken by Gunjana ma’am was highly interactive,smooth and understandable. She left no stone unturned in actually making us feel very comfortable with our replies and by respecting each one of our opinions on every situation that arose. She taught the course with utmost perfection besides bridging the gap between her and the students and creating a very positive and a friendly environment altogether. The lessons were activity orientated which kept us hooked till the end and we’re delivered with a very light yet crisp manner. In total there wasn’t an iota of boredom and everything was broken down into simpler forms for our betterment.

    Ayush Jain
    KD 7
    Nift New Delhi


  19. Pallavi Avatar

    An amazing platform for gaining knowledge and learning so much new things. So nice content and just hope to implement also in my life.


  20. Sumedha Sengar Avatar
    Sumedha Sengar

    My faculty was Gunjan ma’am for professional ethics and I really appreciate her efforts in making is understand the crucial concepts of business ethics. She is a humble teacher and supports each and everyone, even if we’re not perfect with our answers 😉 she dealt all of us with great patience.


  21. Riya Chaudhary Avatar
    Riya Chaudhary

    I attended the online classes and trust me they were the best and so so interactive. Sanjana ma’am is a superb faculty who taught us with all love and passion. I m delighted to be a part of the PRISM community.


  22. Vaishali Jain Avatar
    Vaishali Jain

    My faculty was Shilpa Ma’am in communications. Course and content designed was very good and transformative.
    Thank you Ma’am

    Vaishali Jain


  23. Divya Goel Avatar
    Divya Goel

    We had sessions on communication with Miss Shilpa Wadhwa. I got to learn a lot. Besides the theory, she also acknowledged the flaws in communication of each student individually and suggested the ways to improve as well.


  24. Anwesha Sinha Avatar
    Anwesha Sinha

    Attended the online session of Sanjana ma’am . Never thought that an online session could be so much useful and fun! It was an amazing experience. Thankyou PRISM!


  25. bharti Avatar

    Course- Professional Ethics
    I would like to thank Ms. Manpreet for making our sessions interactive and thought-provoking. Even though the sessions were conducted through an online medium but she made sure that we have fun alongside having engaging and informative discussions.


  26. Akanksha Prasad Avatar
    Akanksha Prasad

    Course: Professional Ethics
    Trainer name: Ms. Ritu
    One of those classes which was never a burden for me, for which I never refused to wake up in morning. Yes because of the subject but because of Ms. Ritu too, she engaged us with her ways of learning. She bond us all together through group activities. Even during these online sessions, she figured out to teach us like she is in front of us. Also this subject was so good for our professional as well as our personal life and it changes my perception to see things.


  27. Ankit Sandil Avatar
    Ankit Sandil

    Professional Ethics-Ritu maam
    I would love to thank Ritu maam for all those wonderful interative knowledgeable sessions you gave us, despite of some newort issue’s ,little- little small problems. Maam you gave us such an amazing class of ethics on an online platform, I really wish i get a chance again to attend your class offline (live) .learnt a lot ,Thank you soo much maam😊


    1. Ashita CM Avatar
      Ashita CM

      Professional ethics, Pooja Kishore
      This week was such a bliss, it was wonderful to gave her as the trainer. Though her constant support and encouragement even the quietest people in the class were speaking up. The case studies, polls and breakout rooms kept us at our toes. The concepts were beautifully explained by her. She made the sessions interesting even though the mode was online. Glitches apart group activities and interactions helped us in understanding ethics and values from other people’s perspectives


  28. Harry Noble M Avatar
    Harry Noble M

    Course : Professional Ethics
    Trainer : Ms. Rita Bhandula
    Never before have I encountered such a positive and encouraging trainer, the sheer energy she instills each day is impeccable and especially during these testing covid times starting your day with a well structured course with such a positive delivery is unparalleled for. My only regret is not being able to attend ma’am’s classes offline.

    Good luck and thank you so much.


  29. veera deep Avatar
    veera deep

    My faculty was Mrs Ritu Bhandula, i can not thank her enough for her dedication and her energy throughout the sessions. Her personality speaks volumes and i ham blessed to have been a part of her sessions. Truly a bundle of joy, someone i would look up to in my life.


  30. Shreya Negi Avatar
    Shreya Negi

    Personal ethics
    Trainer Name- Ms. Ritu mam
    I never thought I would have so much fun in online classes. The activities were structured in such a way that it constantly put us into dilemmas and helped us build teamwork and appreciation of others. Our opinions were considered of value which encouraged us in speaking out more.


  31. Feedback for PRISM – THE PRISM PHILOSOPHY Avatar

    […] Please share about your experience with prishttps://prismphilosophy.com and especially your trainer cum facilitator . Thanks you and big virtual hug. All the very best in near […]


  32. Ayaan Ahmed Avatar
    Ayaan Ahmed

    Professional ethics
    Trainer Name- Pooja Ma’am
    The sessions were engaging and really informative! Really loved the classes, reminded me of my personality development classes from semester-1.


  33. Saanjali Kumar Avatar
    Saanjali Kumar

    Professional Ethics
    Faculty: Ms. Gunjan A. Rana

    The sessions were very interactive and engaging. Ma’am motivated us throughout the week and helped us perform our best. One of the best GE subject so far!


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