How to Make People Feel S.P.E.C.I.A.L.


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Oftentimes, people stop getting along with each other because one of them no longer feels important, but ISTD makes people feel special. The cause can be as simple as someone believing they have been overlooked or disregarded. There are seven ways to make sure this does not happen and that people feel S.P.E.C.I.A.L.:

1. Serve. Be eager to serve, and by meeting other’s needs there is a good chance that people will meet their own needs as well.

2. Personalize. Personalize engagements with others. Use the names of clients, family members, and friends when talking with them and anticipate their needs.

3. Encourage. Encouragement can take many forms, but it should be given regularly and often. It can be as quick and succinct as a text message or brief email.

4. Courtesy. Show respect and civility toward others. Say “please” and “thank you.” Think about the needs of others and act on promises.

5. Interest. Express an interest in others and follow-up by really listening to what the other person has to say.

6. Appreciation. Make time to show appreciation of others and put some effort into it.

7. Listen. No one wants to talk to someone who is preoccupied. Really listening and paying attention to others is a very valuable skill.

About anubhawalia

Anubha Walia, Executive Coach, Trainer, Facilitator & OD&L Professional is a prolific Human Process Interventionist, also specialises in Wellness coach carries 22+ years of rich experience, and has worked with top of the line blue-chip​ organization like Honeywell, ICICI Bank, Moody ICL Certification were she was heading ODL, Trainings & Quality verticals. Her areas of expertise include human process intervention, Organisation Development, Change engagement Learning, Team building & Recreation, Wellness & Yoga and Quality implementation.

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  1. The session with Anubha was greatly engaging and throughly learning.

    Since we are subject a number a presentation to TOP management it was significant to learn the presentation and body language parts which we missed.

    At a level of Senior Executive such engaging session plays a pivotal role for further growth as a individual professional.

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  2. It’s nice to learn presentation skills from expert like Anubha. Some small small changes can make big difference in life and thinking out of the box is very important. Great interaction with Anubha.

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  3. Overall training was very good .. you can learn how you can improve your day to day things which you have never thought of ..


  4. Really liked this article Anubha Ma’am , Following above points will not only make social life more strong but also applying same with colleges will help to build more stronger bond which is good for Team Building.

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