High performance communication is necessary to ensure that when people speak, their voices will rise above the ceaseless chatter and infinite information people will be bombarded with each day. There are three requirements necessary to achieve high performance communication:

1. A clear strategy: Speakers must develop a clear strategy for their presentations based on the desired outcome of the speeches.

2. Practice: As with any skill, mastering high performance communication requires practice. Meyers and Nix provide a self-assessment to help identify which areas speakers need to improve upon as well as a tool to help interpret their scores on the self-assessment.

3. Feedback: When communicating, the only thing that counts is the listener’s experience. Therefore it is essential that speakers elicit feedback from others. Understanding what the audience is experiencing is the only way speakers can fine-tune and improve their messages. The authors provide a “Communication Feedback” form to help speakers easily capture the impressions from their audiences.

The three parts of high performance communication that need to be mastered are: content, delivery, and state.


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Contact us at 919818446562, training@prismphilosophy.com. Anubha, a Trainer, Facilitator & OD&L Professional is a prolific Human Process Interventionist, created PRISM Philosophy, ( Prepare. Respect. Implement. Share. Maintain) carries 18 years of rich experience have worked with top of the line blue chip organizations like Honeywell, ICICI Bank, Moody ICL Certification were she was heading ODL, Trainings & Quality verticals. Her areas of expertise include human process intervention, Organisation Development, Change engagement Learning, Team building, POSH and Quality implementation. She is Consultant as Change Engagement & Learning for OD and delivers corporate training programs at national and international platform and First lady from India doing research on FOLLOWERSHIP. She is the Self-Discipline Strategist who relates profound truths coupled with humorous anecdotes empowering professionals to conquer their apprehension. Her work involves direct observation, real time feedback, experiential learning and coaching following Andragogy principles. Self-directed and self-motivated, Charismatic and persuasive, with the ability to rely on logic and facts to support her positions. In times of pressure, tend to be objective in her approach and direct in her communication. Naturally, optimistic, you seek out the possibilities in life. Her creativity and ability to solve problems are some of her greatest strengths. This paired with drive, vision, and methodical approach allows her to create new opportunities, keeping her experiences fresh and exciting. Preferring to develop new ideas rather than maintaining systems already in place. Bold person, whose character is marked by originality, expressiveness, generosity, determination, and a keen eye for details Natural born communicator and an adept social navigator, often others will sit by, engage new people or invite others in to make them feel at home. With a talent for creative reasoning and big picture thinking, she is a great innovator and are typically seen this way by others. Her energy and forward thinking can generate a team-oriented environment, helping to accomplish goals by motivating others, while creating an atmosphere that is fun and exciting.

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  1. A person can do good communication considering following points i.e

    1. Speakers should have good knowledge/strategy of their subject.
    2. For a good communication, regular practice should be there.
    3. Once speaker communicate something to the audience, he should ask about feedback also so that he can know about his failure or weakness.

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  2. Good !


    While preparing content ,One should consider the power of words for influencing the audience. Sometimes changing even a single word in a sentence/speech can have astonishing effects on people’s perception.

    One should evaluate one’s fear factor to have good delivery of thoughts

    Thanks !

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  3. High performance communication required clear message for the audience, Be interactive with the audience time to time feedback session QA session should be there.
    Always use practical examples to explain the content.

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  4. High Performance Communication is effective only when the message/information intended to be communicated is delivered in an influential manner.
    If you can influence the listener, more than half of your work is done!


  5. High Performance Communication: Why we wish to communicate, or sometimes why should someone listen to what you have to communicate are often the most important questions to ask yourself, versus what it is you really want to say. The best companies and leaders in history, who have managed to do something that continues to separate them from the masses. It all has to do with how they communicate their message. We have very good examples like our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Bhai Modi; as Mahatma Gandhi says at their time to make Swachh Bharat.But why it is applicable in system after becoming Mr. Modi as a Prime Minister. I am not saying Mahatma Gandhi was not a good leader. I just wanted to share Mr. Modi is having a very good high performance communications and after becoming the PM of India, he says to Clean India and people are really going to follow his thoughts i.e. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Now a days most of us even myself before thronging the garbage on the road, society etc., I think that for what, why and how. He clearly passes the message with clear content, with good delivery and state the causes and harms from this. Same examples of International Yoga day. India is the origin of the Yoga but in last to last year he regularize the International Yoga day on 21st June. Not only in India every country are following the same and celebrating the same.

    So on this basis High Performance Communication has three basic characteristics: content, delivery, and state. We can explore each of these components which can then be applied to your personal as well as business and organizational communication engagements.


  6. High performance communication required following things –

    Good opening,
    Confident voice
    Clear message through content
    Good delivery according to time prception
    Uses of gestures and poistures
    Departure of presentation according to audience
    Uses of proper body language


  7. High Performance Communication –





  8. PREPARE on Problem Solving – Problem solving is not a trait but a “skill” that can be learned with practice. The preparation for the same should start with understanding “How to learn any skill”. An amazing TED Talk has been presented by Mr Josh Kaufman on the same subject named “The first 20 hours – How to learn anything”(Available on youtube). The same suggests ways on how to improve and work on any skill for first 20 hours to get the maximum out of the same. The applicability of the same in preparation of problem solving is to shortlist an approach for problem solving such as 5 whys, Brain storming and work on the skill for 20 hours. After inculcating the same in day to day life problem solving will become a habit and the success of an individual depends on the quantum of the problem one can solve.


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