Rosabeth Moss Kanter

While every company champions innovation in theory, very few do a good job of being truly innovative. Not only that, the broad championing of innovation seems to run in cycles, with the majority of companies on the innovation bandwagon at the same time.

Unfortunately, most companies have not done well in learning from their mistakes when trying to innovate, and so are doomed to make them again when the next innovation craze comes along. The good news is that there are common traps companies can learn to avoid to make sure their innovative zeal does not get derailed the next time an innovation wave hits.

*Strategy mistakes: Many companies only consider innovation opportunities that promise very high and very fast returns, overlooking the smaller and less obvious opportunities that could yield even better results. Companies also tend to focus on product innovation and overlook the benefits that come from process innovation. However, by creating an “innovation pyramid” of potential opportunities, companies can cast a wider net and allocate resource investments incrementally. This practice also opens the door to include both product and process innovations, inviting ideas from across an organization.

*Process mistakes: Innovation requires a flexible set of processes; however, all too often companies subject innovation to the same set of planning, budget, and review rules the existing business must conform to. This approach stalls and stifles innovation. One solution is to set aside resources to address innovation whenever an opportunity comes along to allow resources to flourish outside of standard processes.

*Structure mistakes: Creating a separate business unit chartered with innovation can help provide the kind of flexibility innovation requires, but unless the two units are communicative and coordinate well, there can be a serious “clash of cultures” that creates resentment and stalls progress. Leaders can avoid this pitfall by facilitating strong communication and nurturing relationships between the two units.

*Skills mistakes: Strong interpersonal skills are required to both lead and champion an innovation effort. However, leadership is often put in the hands of technical experts instead. Companies should select leaders who are well versed in people skills and good at building strong teams.


About anubhamauryawalia

Contact us at 919818446562, Anubha, a Trainer, Facilitator & OD&L Professional is a prolific Human Process Interventionist, created PRISM Philosophy, ( Prepare. Respect. Implement. Share. Maintain) carries 18 years of rich experience have worked with top of the line blue chip organizations like Honeywell, ICICI Bank, Moody ICL Certification were she was heading ODL, Trainings & Quality verticals. Her areas of expertise include human process intervention, Organisation Development, Change engagement Learning, Team building, POSH and Quality implementation. She is Consultant as Change Engagement & Learning for OD and delivers corporate training programs at national and international platform and First lady from India doing research on FOLLOWERSHIP. She is the Self-Discipline Strategist who relates profound truths coupled with humorous anecdotes empowering professionals to conquer their apprehension. Her work involves direct observation, real time feedback, experiential learning and coaching following Andragogy principles. Self-directed and self-motivated, Charismatic and persuasive, with the ability to rely on logic and facts to support her positions. In times of pressure, tend to be objective in her approach and direct in her communication. Naturally, optimistic, you seek out the possibilities in life. Her creativity and ability to solve problems are some of her greatest strengths. This paired with drive, vision, and methodical approach allows her to create new opportunities, keeping her experiences fresh and exciting. Preferring to develop new ideas rather than maintaining systems already in place. Bold person, whose character is marked by originality, expressiveness, generosity, determination, and a keen eye for details Natural born communicator and an adept social navigator, often others will sit by, engage new people or invite others in to make them feel at home. With a talent for creative reasoning and big picture thinking, she is a great innovator and are typically seen this way by others. Her energy and forward thinking can generate a team-oriented environment, helping to accomplish goals by motivating others, while creating an atmosphere that is fun and exciting.

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