Participants in Training

Participants in Training

To ensure that training goes smoothly, trainers must anticipate, identify, and engage the different participant personalities within their groups. While the average group of participants has a fairly diverse background, there are four common personality types: 1. Partier. The partiers enjoy socializing with other participants. They are often a source of support for trainers and love to participate when the content grabs their attention. 2. Sponge. This highly participative personality type tends to soak up the material. With high levels of enthusiasm and energy, these participants are often assets to trainers. 3. Shopper. Shoppers tend to look for the best ideas. They sometimes will challenge the trainer. To engage shoppers, trainers must link the content to its day-to-day practical applications. 4. Convict. The convicts are only at the training session because it was mandated by their organizations. They are often disruptive or refuse to participate. To engage convicts, trainers must explain the relevance and benefits of training, listen to their concerns, and monitor their performance. No matter what personality types they encounter, trainers must always be working to mitigate unproductive behavior and keep the group focused on the right issues. To reinforce engagement and prevent participants from getting off topic, trainers can assign group members different roles, such as team leader, scribe, and timer. Other engagement techniques include making eye contact, varying tone of voice, using props to illustrate points, and designating a time for questions and answers.


About anubhamauryawalia

Contact us at 919818446562, Anubha, a Trainer, Facilitator & OD&L Professional is a prolific Human Process Interventionist, created PRISM Philosophy, ( Prepare. Respect. Implement. Share. Maintain) carries 18 years of rich experience have worked with top of the line blue chip organizations like Honeywell, ICICI Bank, Moody ICL Certification were she was heading ODL, Trainings & Quality verticals. Her areas of expertise include human process intervention, Organisation Development, Change engagement Learning, Team building, POSH and Quality implementation. She is Consultant as Change Engagement & Learning for OD and delivers corporate training programs at national and international platform and First lady from India doing research on FOLLOWERSHIP. She is the Self-Discipline Strategist who relates profound truths coupled with humorous anecdotes empowering professionals to conquer their apprehension. Her work involves direct observation, real time feedback, experiential learning and coaching following Andragogy principles. Self-directed and self-motivated, Charismatic and persuasive, with the ability to rely on logic and facts to support her positions. In times of pressure, tend to be objective in her approach and direct in her communication. Naturally, optimistic, you seek out the possibilities in life. Her creativity and ability to solve problems are some of her greatest strengths. This paired with drive, vision, and methodical approach allows her to create new opportunities, keeping her experiences fresh and exciting. Preferring to develop new ideas rather than maintaining systems already in place. Bold person, whose character is marked by originality, expressiveness, generosity, determination, and a keen eye for details Natural born communicator and an adept social navigator, often others will sit by, engage new people or invite others in to make them feel at home. With a talent for creative reasoning and big picture thinking, she is a great innovator and are typically seen this way by others. Her energy and forward thinking can generate a team-oriented environment, helping to accomplish goals by motivating others, while creating an atmosphere that is fun and exciting.

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