How Creativity prevails in Culture



PSU – GAIL has been conferred with the Maharatna status on 1 Feb 2013, by the Government of India. 


We trained professional of GAIL belonging to various part of northern region and was impressed to see their dedication towards promoting HINDI (Our Matra Bhasha). Sessions placard to name plate to feedback form was in english and hindi both.  Introduction by participants to closure of the session, we were overwhelmed with the apt hindi words each participants were using. 

We read so much about Culture of an organization in research paper, articles and our learning was GAIL’s culture was flowing in everyone’s DNA i.e Firstly-Safety &Security and Secondly – Promoting Hindi and also incentivizing them was maximum usages of our language.  Our sincere compliment to the Senior Leaders and each employee of biggest public sector is gas industry, making all of us proud for providing safety to its employes and using Hindi language to the core.

Learning : Brainstorming an important element for towards creativity and innovation is called MASTISHQ MANTHAN in Hindi.

About anubhawalia

Anubha Walia, Executive Coach, Trainer, Facilitator & OD&L Professional is a prolific Human Process Interventionist, also specialises in Wellness coach carries 22+ years of rich experience, and has worked with top of the line blue-chip​ organization like Honeywell, ICICI Bank, Moody ICL Certification were she was heading ODL, Trainings & Quality verticals. Her areas of expertise include human process intervention, Organisation Development, Change engagement Learning, Team building & Recreation, Wellness & Yoga and Quality implementation.

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  1. It is commendable to see Hindi being promoted in such a big way by such a prestigious organization. I hope that every individual and organization learns from this so we can all help sustain our Matra Bhasha.


  2. I think that the Gas Authority has taken a really great intiative and shown dedication to promote and incentivise communication in Hindi language among its employees. I’m all applauds. This will really impact the sustenance of Hindi as our regional language and literate coming generations in the same medium.


  3. India is a vastly diverse nation in terms of its culture and traditions but lately, it can be noticed that people are losing touch of Hindi. It’s good to know that such an initiative is being taken with a lot of dedication shown by GAIL. India’s huge potential for growth and innovation has made the importance of Hindi as a global language.This has made it a very viable and important target for most global-minded businesses.


  4. India is country of diversity in terms of art, culture or local language. But using so much English in every single thing actually makes to lose the essence of Indian touch everywhere. It’s an incredible initiative to promote hindi in our culture as well as in industry also. Though local languages should also be prioritised, but atleast hindi is growing in a vast way and that’s quite commendable.


  5. Language is the key to how people think and work. It is high time that we as a country promoted the use of our mother tongues be it hindi or our regional languages. This intiative is exactly what we need in all parts of India to promote the use of Hindi as it binds us with our culture and helps us realise who we are and what are stories are. In a diverse country like India the only way to ensure the continuity and preservance of our culture is through language.


  6. It feels good to know that still there are people who know their language to the core. The world is getting so westernized and today people are more fluent in English than they are in their own mother tongue. But we should remember that ones roots should be strong enough in their own culture before diversifying into the wonders of other cultures.


  7. In this world where everyone is running behind English, standing out with Hindi is just commendable because being different in our own way is very important otherwise we loose our essence. Also, people must know that both are just languages and not a parameter to judge someone’s abilities. It makes me sad to see that our Matra Bhasha was lost in our own country but at the same time it makes me happy as it is being recognised again. Thank you


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